Jennifer is a Los Angeles native who grew up in Westwood.  She went away to college and had planned on moving to NYC until she met David whom she fell in love with. She married him and they raised their three children here.

Jennifer was a preschool teacher for 16 years, until she decided to try something new.  She has baked since she was a young child and her grandmother would bake and cook with her. After hosting a wedding for her niece she was encouraged to pursue a career as a baker and “make people happy”. After a few years of baking in other kitchens and building a client base Jennifer decided to open her own store specializing in mini cheesecakes made with organic ingredients, fair-trade organic coffees, vegan desserts and lunch choices. She is a firm believer in preserving the earth, so she composts the egg shells and coffee grinds (please feel free to ask for any), uses only recycled paper products, and buys local fruits and produce.